Blythecon Brooklyn Photo Contest!

21751592_823441254529041_790182105708598861_nWe’re having a photo contest on Instagram!!
Click here for more info!


Our Vendors!

A BirdyBoo Design 160122_untitled_vendor00alice_blice_ bitter-squeaks 170106_untitled_15823515_10208225177776262_3489143815984006117_n

A BirdyBoo Design (USA)- Etsy & Facebook & FlickrOn the web
Alice Blice (Spain) – Flickr & Facebook
Atomic Blythe (USA) – Etsy & Facebook
Bitter Squeaks (USA) – Instagram & On the web
BlytheAndTheCity (USA) – Etsy & Facebook

CHantilly Lace 160110_untitled_05cherrymerry 170104_untitled_170104_untitled_15877696_10155095792814349_19308209_o-2 160109_untitled_08dakawaiidolls

Chantilly Lace (USA) – Etsy & Facebook
CHERRY MERRY MUFFIN (Japan) – Instagram On the web
Chu Things (Australia) – Facebook On the web
Dakawaiidolls (Japan) – Etsy Facebook & Tumblr
Darcy Danger & Pinky for Mab Graves (USA) – EtsyInstagram

170104_untitled_deargirlface2 150311_untitled_10dollhouseby_miyuki_odani-2 170106_untitled_dollyrockers

Dear Girlface (USA) – Etsy Facebook & Flickr & Instagram
DOLL HOUSE by miyuki odani (Japan) – On the web
Dollyrockers (USA) – Etsy & Flickr
Dolly Treasures by Eileen Lam (UK) – Instagram & On the web
Dr. Blythenstein (Mexico) – Facebook 

170104_untitled_170103_untitled_eurotrash-2 170104_untitled_170103_untitled_15870520_10154395886306219_19729000_n 151217_untitled_14hanon-2 170104_untitled_170103_untitled_ihavewings-2

Earth Angels Studios for Letty’s Bears & Party Pets (USA) – Facebook & On the web 
EuroTrash (USA) – Facebook & On the web
Funny Bunny (Sweden) – On the Web
HANON (Japan) – On the web 
I HAVE WINGS (Argentina) – On the web & Facebook

170108_untitled_15935182_1813580252226624_1159929975_o 170209_untitled_16651152_10209673637850930_219259944_o 160110_untitled_vendor20LoungingLinda-2.jpg 170207_untitled_16652418_2054942041399055_2066857373_n

Little Whimsies (USA) – Etsy & Facebook
Little Ditzies (USA) – Etsy & Facebook & Flickr
Lounging Linda (UK) – Etsy & Flickr & On the web

170106_untitled_Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 9.45.37 PM.jpg 170104_untitled_mota 150909_untitled_vendor27ourblythes_800px-2 160119_untitled_vendor31pomipomari01 170103_untitled_170103_untitled_pommepomme

MOMOLITA (Japan) – On the web
Mota de algodón (USA) – Etsy & Facebook
Our Blythes (Argentina) – Facebook
Pomipomari (France)- Etsy & Facebook
pomme-pomme (USA) – Facebook & On the web

Poupee mecanique 170213_untitled_isla_280x280-23812621_4n3gf6e6 170104_untitled_170103_untitled_risras 170204_untitled_image2

Poupée mécanique (UK) – Instagram
Rhododo’s Nest (USA) –Etsy & Instagram & On the web
Ris Ras (Spain) – Facebook & On the web
Scrumptious Delight (Canada) – Etsy & Facebook

160115_untitled_viva.jpg zolala

Snuggle Farts by Maudib05 (USA) – Etsy & Facebook & Flickr
Total Babesville (USA) – Instagram
Victoria Fox Dolls (USA) – Etsy & Facebook & Instagram
VIVA! (Argentina) – Etsy
Zolala! (Netherlands) – Etsy & FacebookOn the web

Blythecon Brooklyn Merchandise!!

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-6-20-58-pmSo this morning I had a great idea while getting ready for work. As I put on my Lularoe leggings I thought, “Hmmmmm… How awesome would it be to have leggings made from the Blythecon Brooklyn fabric?!!” Then Katherne Hardin, my Blythe idea enabler, suggested Redbubble. Well, For the last three hours I have been designing like a mad woman!! We now have a shop with some Blythecon Merchandise, and no markup!!
(FYI – I have never bought any of their products. Please read reviews before purchasing. I google searched Redbubble leggings reviews instead of relying on reviews on the Redbubble site)

Our Redbubble Shop!!

Help Us Make BCBKLYN Great!

To our Blythe Community,

Blythecon Brooklyn will be held this October! That’s only 8 months away!
We’re hoping to combine a few goodie bag/drawing ideas from our most recent Blythecons, but to do that we need your help.

We need donations! Drawing donations and goodie bag donations!
The more, the merrier!
Our community is full of creative, artistic, and generous people, please help us make this Blythecon awesome!

This will be a not-for-profit convention and any remaining ticket sale funds will be donated to the Department of Pediatrics at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC.
**All donations will be distributed to attendees on the day of the convention.**

Questions you may ask..

What can I donate?

Anything! It can be a small as little slips of paper with special coupon codes for attendees, to something as big as a custom doll or a *gasp* a Kenner. Nothing is too small or too big!

Will my drawing donation disappear and I’ll never see it again or know who won it?
Absolutely not! We will catalog all donations as they come in and let each person know we’ve received them. You will also be publicly thanked for you donation and hopefully we will be able to get a picture of the winner with their prize (Some people are camera shy)

Here is the Donation Form Page for anyone that wishes to pledge a donation.

Thank you!!
Heidi Corley Barto (Donations Wrangler)
& The Blythecon Brooklyn Team

Ticket News!

 February 14th  at 12pm (noon) EST is the day the remaining tickets for Blythecon Brooklyn will be on sale! 
Sales will be limited to 2 adult tickets and 1 child ticket per transaction. 
The number of adult tickets available will be determined after we hear back from all of our vendors. Only 5 child tickets will be available.
*Click the link to read ticket prices and descriptions*

Ticket Info

Blythecon Brooklyn will held at a renovated former metal factory known as 26 Bridge in the DUMBO district of Brooklyn, NY on October 22, 2017.
The event will start at 11 am and end at 5pm.

Get Tickets for Blythecon Brooklyn Here!!screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-6-22-42-pm

Your Blythecon Brooklyn ticket will provide..
Goodie bags w/snack for all adult ticket holders
An amazing selection of talented vendors
Shopping from 11am-5pm
Prize drawings
Photo ops
A day to meet and hang out with fellow collectors from all over the world

Since we are in NYC and food is readily available, lunch will not be provided. We will be posting food suggestions on our web page and facebook page.

The venue is easily accessible by public transportation.

The Blythecon Brooklyn schedule will be announced at a later date and is subject to change.

PayPal ticket sales will show your transaction description as ‘Julie Romero’
Do not be alarmed. This is our beloved Julie Blythe’s real name.

How many tickets will be sold?
We have 240 adult tickets and 20 child tickets. If for any reason the child tickets don’t sell we will release them as adult tickets.

What about children younger than 4 years old?
Children 3 years old and younger are free with the purchase of an adult ticket.

Why are you selling tickets so close after the holiday?
We needed to start selling tickets this year for tax reasons and to start paying off the major convention expenses.

Are vendor fees included in the adult ticket price?
Vendor fees are NOT included in the ticket purchase price.
We have reserved a limited number of vendor tickets to be made available once we’ve made our vendor selection.
Selected vendors will be sent a vendor agreement and a link to purchase their ticket and to pay their vendor fee.
If you have already purchased your adult admission ticket, you will be sent the vendor agreement and link to pay your vendor fee.

Will there be discounted tickets for my spouse or helper (vendors)?
Unfortunately there will be no discounted tickets for Blythecon Brooklyn. Every adult attendee must buy a full price ticket, as our ticket quantities will be limited. Just think of it as a bonus goodie bag for yourself 🙂

Why no lunch option?
Due to the vast majority of people with food allergies and diet restrictions it was decided that having people bring\order their own food was the safest route.
In NYC it is super easy to order food on one’s smart phone via and have it delivered to the venue… If you have questions about how it works, ask Melissa. She orders food via seamless all the time. There will be water and snacks provided. There are also a few restaurants in the area surrounding the venue.

80’s Block Party!


The theme for BCBKLYN is the 80’s! Yup, it’s time to show your age and bust out the door knockers and aqua net 😉

The 80’s were a time of real self expression and togetherness. A time before cell phones & the internet. A time where you spent most of your day outside hanging out with friends. That’s what we want the mood to be for BCBKLYN, a place for friends to hang out and bond over what we love.

The fashion and art of the 80’s is something none of us will forget so we thought it was a fitting theme for Brooklyn. We all have a favorite style from back in the day, whether it’s hip-hop, pop, punk, business,etc. the 80’s had it.

So get your outfits ready and we’ll see you in October!




Official Doll of BCBklyn 2017

Every year a doll is picked to be the official mascot of the US Blythecon. It can be a specific stock doll (like kenners) or a certain theme (redheads) that people will bring to the con and get together for a group photo.

For 2017 we thought the perfect doll to represent Brooklyn Blythecon would be Tan Girls.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Every and any doll is welcome to the convention but we will be having a group photo with all the tan/dark girls.

We can’t wait to see all the amazing dolls that you bring, it’s going to be amazing!